09/26/2014 - After 8 months of writing and molding these songs into shape, we are done recording or 5th instalment in the Margate Music collection. We returned to our home away from home and recorded at Buzzbomb Sound Labs in Orange, CA. with none other than the world famous Paul Miner of "Death by Stereo" at the helm. His engineering and production talents really brought out our best collection of songs to date. WE ARE STOKED!!! To celebrate we are hitting the road with our friends Strike 12 for a couple dates in El Cajon, CA October 3rd at Myers Pour House and PHX AZ October 4th for Phx Ska Punk Bowling 2014. See ya there! Yeeeehaw!!!!!!!!!

05/23/2014  Punk Rockers Unite!! Today we begin the dangerous journey through bat country! We are all loaded up and the gear is loaded up too! With only 4 hours of sleep we are hitting the road to Las Vegas for a weekend of Punk Rock Madness!!! Yes, Punk Rock Bowling 2014!! If you're there, find us, follow us on the known social media what-have-you's for we come baring free gifts for all! AND TONIGHT, One night only, MARGATE will be ROCKING and MELTING FACES at the World Famous DOUBLE DOWN SALOON!! Open 24 hours, we'll see you there! YEEEEEEHAW!

02/10/2014 - Our Drummer/Lead singer just signed with Soultone Cymbals
Alex is stoked to have this awesome endorsement with a company who takes pride in their amazing handmade turkish cymbals. Alex said, "We can really hear the difference in the sound! I'm really looking forward to using these cymbals in the studio and on stage!" New songs on the way!!!!

01/24/2014 - The date was January 18th 2013. While driving late night through the ominous Nevada desert on our way home from the epic “Mini Keg” tour, the ground started to tremble and a huge flash of light blinded us. The light ran us off the road, rendering us unconscious. As the dawn came to wake us,  we gathered ourselves and continued down the road. When we arrived home we soon realized that what had felt like a few hours of sleep to us was actually a whole year for the rest of the world! Call it quantum physics, call it aliens, call it a top secret government experiment that took us over on that weird desert night. Whatever it was… Margate is here and ready to Rock 2014!!!! Expect a new EP and AWESOME shows coming your way!!!

12/10/2012 - Another year is winding down, and what a fantastic year it was for us here in camp Margate! We made a record with one of our idols El Hefe, released it on his and wife Jen's brand new label Cyber Tracks, and toured Europe with NOFX. We also got to share the stage with Less Than Jake, Snuff, The UK Subs, Anti-Nowhere League, The Ataris, Teenage Bottlerocket, Nothington, The Dopamines, Elway and more. And we picked up some cool sponsors in Ernie Ball, Pork Pie Percussion, and Clayton USA picks who all help us keep on rocking.

We have two more shows coming up this week to round out the year, so if you're in SoCal we hope to see some of your smiling faces at:

THURSDAY 12/13/2012 @ Alpine Village in Torrance (833 Torrance Blvd) w/ Death By Stereo, Union 13, Black Rose Phantoms, G.F.P. (feat Greg Hetson of Bad Religion and pro-skater Tony Alva) and more. ALL AGES, $10 at the door, free parking. Show starts at 8pm, we play early.

SATURDAY 12/15/2012 @ Springbok in Van Nuys (16153 Victory Blvd) - xmas party for the Cancer charity Band For A Cure. Sponsored by KROQ, and including DJ sets by DJ RADROK (Efrem Schulz of Death By Stereo) and Saturday nights KROQ Roq N Beats DJ Jeremiah Red. The cost to get in is $15, which includes 1 cause band, 1 raffle ticket, stickers and 1 album download card for the compilation Band For A Cure 2012, starring Margate, and featuring Death By Stereo and many more. Starts at 9, ALL AGES until 11 at which time it becomes 21+.

If you can't make it to one of this week's shows due to geographical limitations, hopefully we'll be coming to a town near you in 2013! We have a little mini(keg) tour in the works with our buds DC Fallout in January, and we'll have more 2013 tour dates announced soon.

Thanks to all of you for making 2012 our best year ever.


10/26/2012 - All good things must come to an end, and today it is with great sadness that we must announce an end to an era. As you may be aware, we spend most of our free time in a 12’ x 12’studio affectionately known as Room 57. This little box has been a good home to us for around 6 years… we made an entire record there (On The Other Side), filmed a 30-episode long season of our weekly mini-show there (Live From Room 57) and even named our own record label after it (Room57Records). We wrote countless tunes there and spilled a few beers on the floor along the way.

Well the time has come to say goodbye to the little room that could. No, we’re not breaking up. Nobody is leaving the band. But we did finally convince Treasurer Steve to pull a few more piggys out of the bank and splurge on a bigger rehearsal / recording spot. Next week we’ll be moving our gear all the way next door to the spacious two-story ROOM 59! That’s right, we’re moving on up Jefferson’s style. Just thought you would want to know.

10/19/2012 - We have just released a new single from our album, it's called LA Dead and it rocks! So does the wicked awesome solo El Hefe plays on it. There's a lyric video for it here - enjoy!

7/23/2012 - Wow we are long overdue for a website update. Tour was too rad for words... getting to play with NOFX, Less Than Jake, Snuff, UK Subs and more was a dream come true. Some of our idols and they were all accepting of us and cool dudes to boot. There are some pics on our facebook page, and a bunch more we're still going through. Stay tuned for a tour video and diary as well. We also just hit the #1 spot on KROQ's Locals Only show with Kat Corbett which is huge for us, thanks so much for everyone who listened in and voted. Kat rocks and we're honored to be in rotation with a bunch of other cool bands on the biggest rock radio station on the planet. Last but not least, we have some cool shows coming up in the near future... this Thursday we're at the Troubadour with Teenage Bottlerocket, and next month we're at On The Rox at a KROQ Locals Only show. We have something killer lined up for September as well but we can't let the cat out of the bag just yet. Stay tuned...

5/29/2012 - The day has finally arrived – the self-titled full-length album by Margate on El Hefe and wife Jen’s label Cyber Tracks has been released today on as well as other online retailers such as iTunes. Cyber Tracks is hosting an exclusive stream of the song “Sally & Sadie Lou” from the album for a limited time, as well as offering the album at a reduced price (use the code CYBERLAUNCH at checkout) and a free bonus track – the remix single “Rock ‘n Roll Reserve (feat. El Hefe)”. Cyber Track’s web-store features an easy download process including payment via paypal.

Margate is the band's third full-length offering and follows closely behind last year's self-released Rock 'n Roll Reserve EP. Fans of the band will recognize a few favorites from previous albums plus seven brand new tracks. The album was recorded at Command Recording Studios and El Hefe’s own Smokewood Studios in March and April 2012, with El Hefe behind the board for tracking, producing and mixing. In addition to his engineering work, El Hefe also provided guest vocals and guitars on a number of tracks. Margate’s sound is strongly influenced by early 90’s SoCal skate punk, but often garners comparisons to classic rock due to their use of frequent 2 and 3-part vocal harmonies.

You can preview each song from the record at, and you can hear the first two singles streaming in their entirety here:

Get your copy today and learn all the words so you can sing along when you see the Margate boys open for NOFX in Europe this summer.


5/23/2012 - Super quick update folks - the first brand new single from our upcoming album is out and you can stream it here as well as read some details about the album:

In other news, the fine folks at the world famous KROQ spun the "Rock 'n Roll Reserve (feat. El Hefe)" remix this past Sunday which is going to be a bonus track on the new album. It was broadcast as part of the Locals Only show, and they're promising to spin it again... as long as we're in the Top 5 in voting. We hate to ask for this sort of thing, but if you wouldn't mind taking a second to stop by the link below and voting it would really mean a lot to us. No signup or email address required, and you can vote each day. Here's the link:

And here's a direct link to the song in case you haven't heard this version yet:

More singles from the new record to be released SOON, followed by the album next Tues. Thanks for listening!!

- Margate

5/10/2012 - So we’ve been writing and recording a new record for most of 2012, and it’s almost done! Wanna hear about it? Well it goes a little something like this… It’s called Margate. Yep, MARGATE. Self-titled. Eponymous if you will. Kinda like the black album. Or the white album. Or the blue album. Except it’s not a color, so you’ll have to pick something else to call it. It was produced, engineered and mixed magnificently by El Hefe, who also played and sang on a few tunes. No we won’t tell you which ones.
It’s a full-length album with 11 songs (well 10, plus a bonus track). The songs have titles. Here they are:

1. Batteries Release
2. Lovesick
3. Sally & Sadie Lou
4. This Road
5. Anchors
6. Circles
7. L.A. Dead
8. Auxilio
9. Just Move On
10. Finish The Game
11. Rock ‘n Roll Reserve (feat. El Hefe) *

* - bonus track

A couple of those titles look familiar you say? Everything besides the bonus track was just recorded in March/April 2012 at Smokewood Studios and Command Recording Studios in Valencia CA, but we did re-record a few of our old favorites. Does it have cover art? Yep, you betcha! Cartoonist/animator Joe Andriola ( finally helped us fulfill our lifelong collective dream of becoming cartoon characters, and he did a damn fine job of it. Here’s the cover (you can also find it on our website under Album Art):

Pretty exciting huh? I bet you want to rush out and buy a copy of the cool looking album with a name (or no name, depending on how you want to look at it) and songs on it. Well you can’t! Not yet at least. It’s coming out on Tuesday May 29th exclusively on Maybe we’ll stream a song or two between now and then, but for right now hold your horses! What’s that you say? You only buy music from Amazon Pakistan or some other obscure website? Don’t worry, it will be available everywhere digital music is sold shortly after the official release date.

Want to know more about it? Keep checking and for updates, follow us on facebook ( and and twitter (, and most importantly GET THEE TO A SHOW! See you at the merch booth.


3/27/2012 - Howdy Margaters!! Here we are transmitting from a secret location near Saugus California for a Margate update. We are currently on day two of our recording for the next EPIC album to hit the rock world! The songs are sounding great and the band is fortunate enough to have the one and only Aaron Abeyta “El Hefe” at the helm of this ship. El Hefe works his magic with mics, knobs, faders and gas masks. But wait… there’s more!!!

We played a fantastic SOLD OUT show over the weekend in Long Beach, CA with the ATARIS! The larger than life Kris Roe and crew put on quit a show and we have to say, those are some really nice guys. It’s good to meet rockers that are still down to earth. We have some great tour dates coming up and are so UMPED to play out these new songs!! Come catch us at a show near you, and keep an eye out for some big announcements from Cyber Tracks and Margate shortly!

Keep it classy Earthlings!
Margate, Signing off…

2/2/2012 - Happy New Year troops! A little late for that, huh? Guess we haven't been updating our website as often as we should. If you want constant updates please follow us on facebook and twitter (links below). We've been busy in the studio the last few months writing the songs for our upcoming release on Cyber Tracks, and we're pretty stoked about how they're coming out so far. We won't be doing many shows in Feb or March but we have just been announced as an opener for The Ataris at DiPiazza's in Long Beach on Fri, March 23rd. We'll post the link to tickets as soon as it becomes available (it's only $12). Until then, stay UMPED!

12/7/2011 - You heard it right, we just got signed to a brand new label owned by Aaron Abeyta (aka El Hefe) and his wife Jennifer. We're so stoked!

11/11/2011 - The official music video for Control has just been released, check it out here - AMP Magazine has the details.



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