4/28/2015Margate release details on upcoming Cyber Tracks LP - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Margate has released the album art and track listing for their 4th full-length Beards In Paradise. The album will be released on Limited Edition 10” yellow vinyl and digital download via Cyber Tracks on June 30, 2015.

The band says of the release:

“We are extremely grateful to have such an amazing team working on this record. From our old pal Paul Miner producing and making it sound huge, to Jimbo Phillips doing incredible original cover art, to Denise Borders pitching in with a great back cover photo, and of course Jen and El Hefe making the whole thing happen once again on Cyber Tracks. Beards In Paradise is the kind of feel-good summertime record that we’ve always wanted to put out. Copious amounts of cheap beer was destroyed while writing and recording this record, all with the infamous Felony Ron behind the video camera documenting our every chug. We’re stoked for everyone to have a new summer soundtrack and, perhaps more importantly, to empower bearded hula girls everywhere to stand tall and proud!”

Beards In Paradise track listing:
Side A
Otra Cerveza Por Favor
The Unsilent Majority
Want It All
I’m Your Density
Rock Out With Your Clock Out
Crowd Goes Mild
Side B 
From The Start
Keep Dancin’
Beards In Paradise
Never Known

Cover Art - Beards In Paradise (artwork by Jimbo Phillips)