12/01/2014 - Apparently we don't update our website very often! That's because we've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our upcoming album, which will be coming out early in 2015 on Cyber Tracks. We can't divulge too much about it just yet, but we can tell you it's going to be called Beards In Paradise and it will be the first Margate album to be released on vinyl! More details to come in the new year. Cheers and Beers!

09/26/2014 - After 8 months of writing and molding these songs into shape, we are done recording or 5th instalment in the Margate Music collection. We returned to our home away from home and recorded at Buzzbomb Sound Labs in Orange, CA. with none other than the world famous Paul Miner of "Death by Stereo" at the helm. His engineering and production talents really brought out our best collection of songs to date. WE ARE STOKED!!! To celebrate we are hitting the road with our friends Strike 12 for a couple dates in El Cajon, CA October 3rd at Myers Pour House and PHX AZ October 4th for Phx Ska Punk Bowling 2014. See ya there! Yeeeehaw!!!!!!!!!

05/23/2014  Punk Rockers Unite!! Today we begin the dangerous journey through bat country! We are all loaded up and the gear is loaded up too! With only 4 hours of sleep we are hitting the road to Las Vegas for a weekend of Punk Rock Madness!!! Yes, Punk Rock Bowling 2014!! If you're there, find us, follow us on the known social media what-have-you's for we come baring free gifts for all! AND TONIGHT, One night only, MARGATE will be ROCKING and MELTING FACES at the World Famous DOUBLE DOWN SALOON!! Open 24 hours, we'll see you there! YEEEEEEHAW!

02/10/2014 - Our Drummer/Lead singer just signed with Soultone Cymbals
Alex is stoked to have this awesome endorsement with a company who takes pride in their amazing handmade turkish cymbals. Alex said, "We can really hear the difference in the sound! I'm really looking forward to using these cymbals in the studio and on stage!" New songs on the way!!!!

01/24/2014 - The date was January 18th 2013. While driving late night through the ominous Nevada desert on our way home from the epic “Mini Keg” tour, the ground started to tremble and a huge flash of light blinded us. The light ran us off the road, rendering us unconscious. As the dawn came to wake us,  we gathered ourselves and continued down the road. When we arrived home we soon realized that what had felt like a few hours of sleep to us was actually a whole year for the rest of the world! Call it quantum physics, call it aliens, call it a top secret government experiment that took us over on that weird desert night. Whatever it was… Margate is here and ready to Rock 2014!!!! Expect a new EP and AWESOME shows coming your way!!!




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