11/25/2016 - Our Snow Day EP is in the can, and we're stoked about it! More details coming very very soon. Happy Turkey Day all!

10/13/2016  - Our label Cyber Tracks has announced their Christmas Party this year, and boy is it a doozy! Mark your calendars for Friday, December 16th if you're in the LA area cause you don't want to miss this one. Unwritten Law, Pulley, Implants, This Legend, and Margate will be performing, and the night will feature DJ sets by the boss El Hefe himself. Rumor has it that we'll be releasing a limited edition Holiday CD there as well. Tickets are available here.

9/26/2016 - Two incredible nights with Punk Rock Karaoke!!! Scottsdale was cool but Prescott Arizona has to be one of the greatest towns in the West! It felt like Hill Valley and had the whiskey drinking and shootin cowboy history to go along with it! I think we might be moving there. Till then we'll stay at the haunted hotel again Hassayampa Inn! Truly Awesome! 

8/1/2016 -
Played two back to back awesome shows taking us from our friends in the LBC to our friends out in Tempe AZ! It was so hot that some of our vinyl actually melted and warped just going from the hotel to the venue. It was crotch pot cooking hot! THE SHOWS WERE WORTH IT! 
4/21/2016 -
Months have passed, these damn holiday songs are taking longer than we thought and we're running out of beer. We put down the pens and raise our cans for the release of the highly anticipated 7 inch split "Strike Twelve & Margate DO EACH OTHER" into the universe!Three colors! THEY'RE HERE!!!! Thanks to Felony Ron for putting it out and making everything look incredible one sleeve at a time. You da man Ron!
3/19/2016 -
Only one thing could make us come back to SoCal California, this and more beer....A show we could not refuse with the homies Pour Habit! This was the best show we've had in SD, hands down! SAN DIEGO YOU ARE THE SHIT!! Not to mention Cali-Burritos done right! 

1/23/2016 - A new year is upon us and we have a mission... To make the best damn Holiday EP since Alvin and the Chipmunks!! We knew we needed to submerse ourselves in the Elf ways, really get into the winter wonderland magic, so we went to none other than Santa's Village. We drove two hours to find a sign saying Closed, Reopening 2016. We knew we had to get these snow time classics ready for this grand reopening! If Santa's Village wasn't available there was only one place to go, Alaska! We made the arduous trek to North Pole Alaska, Look it up, It's real. We wont return till these songs have been complete. 

11/8/2015 - Someone woke from a stupor and came up with an awesome idea...Strike Twelve and Margate should cover each others songs. So we did! Possibly some of the best stuff we have ever had the privilege to record. It was so cool to hear Strike Twelve's take on our songs and we were more than stoked to cover some of our favorite songs from our favorite band out there. Not to mention, we got to record at Casa De Dan at Strike Twelve headquarters in Temecula, CA. near an incredible Burrito spot! 

8/12/2015 -  What an awesome West Coast tour!! Something we were so looking forward to and it was nothing less of epic. Thanks to all the bands and the Gaters up and down the coast! Best said on film...Check out the tour video in our videos page featuring the song "Crowd Goes Mild" off the Beards In Paradise album.          
7/7/2015 - Our West Coast Tour has been announced! Instead of telling you all about it, Alex made this pretty little poster (with Jimbo's rad art of course). Enjoy!

6/30/2015 - The day has finally come for us to unleash the 22 minutes of awesome that is Beards In Paradise into the world. We had such a fun time making this record and we hope it brings a smile to your face when you listen to it. The album is now streaming at so you can preview before you buy it. Downloads are available for purchase at and everywhere else digital music is distributed, and the limited edition yellow vinyl is available exclusively at,

On a personal note, we would like to thank all of our families, friends and fans for letting us act like teenagers well into middle age.Special thanks to Jen and Aaron Abeyta of Cyber Tracks for continuing to believe in us and our music and letting us make records. Huge thanks to Paul Miner for George Martin-ing the shit out of this record, sharing our vision (and a few beers) with us while forcing us to make this thing the best it could be. Thanks also goes to the incredible Jimbo Phillips for the original cover art and to Denise Borders for the back cover photo. Thanks to Felony Ron for hanging with us in the studio and documenting the madness. And lastly thanks to our uber-talented homies in the bands Madcap and Blue Collar Special (R.I.P. to both) for writing songs so good that we couldn’t not record them for this album.

West Coast tour dates will be announced next week, stay tuned! Thanks again for all your support!


6/18/2015 - We have just released a stream of the second single from our upcoming album Beards In Paradise. The song is called "From The Start" and is one of our favorites from the record. It is available for streaming exclusively at PunkAnormal Activity. Not only can you stream the audio but Alex gives the backstory and meaning of the song.

We also have a behind the scenes studio video from the mixing of "From The Start" which features some a cappella Beach Boys style harmonies - you can check it out at our youtube page

Pre-sales are still going strong at and at, Pre-order your copy today while supplies last if you haven't already.

6/10/2015 - We just released a behind the scenes teaser for the record - check it out on our YouTube channel here!

6/9/2015We have just released a stream of the first single from our upcoming album Beards In Paradise. The song is called "The Unsilent Majority" and is available for streaming at

Pre-sales have also been announced for the album, which will be released on Limited Edition 10” yellow vinyl and digital download on June 30th. Digital pre-sales are available at and include an instant track download of one of the songs from the album. Vinyl pre-sales are available at, which is the exclusive retailer of the limited edition yellow vinyl. Pre-order your copy today while supplies last.

Stay tuned for more release details in the coming weeks!


4/28/2015Margate release details on upcoming Cyber Tracks LP - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Margate has released the album art and track listing for their 4th full-length Beards In Paradise. The album will be released on Limited Edition 10” yellow vinyl and digital download via Cyber Tracks on June 30, 2015.

The band says of the release:

“We are extremely grateful to have such an amazing team working on this record. From our old pal Paul Miner producing and making it sound huge, to Jimbo Phillips doing incredible original cover art, to Denise Borders pitching in with a great back cover photo, and of course Jen and El Hefe making the whole thing happen once again on Cyber Tracks. Beards In Paradise is the kind of feel-good summertime record that we’ve always wanted to put out. Copious amounts of cheap beer was destroyed while writing and recording this record, all with the infamous Felony Ron behind the video camera documenting our every chug. We’re stoked for everyone to have a new summer soundtrack and, perhaps more importantly, to empower bearded hula girls everywhere to stand tall and proud!”

Beards In Paradise track listing:
Side A
Otra Cerveza Por Favor
The Unsilent Majority
Want It All
I’m Your Density
Rock Out With Your Clock Out
Crowd Goes Mild
Side B 
From The Start
Keep Dancin’
Beards In Paradise
Never Known

Cover Art - Beards In Paradise (artwork by Jimbo Phillips)

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